You are on - Road Bike League


This is an “All Comers” league so it's open to all riders, members and non-members alike. 

There are 13 events with the average of your best 3 rides on the K10/10 and best one K12/10 counting, the full details are listed below.

The league is an integral part of our time trial events so riders will not be separated from the normal field. It’s your choice whether to ride as a ‘roadie’ that evening.

One of the objectives of this league is to encourage new rider to compete in time trials so “Newbies” are very welcome, there is information about how to ride your first time trial in our introductory guide .


 The League Details

Who can compete:

  • “All-Comers” so anybody (12 years and older) can enter.

  • Riders who are not a member of a CTT affiliated club can ride one event on a ‘come and try it' basis but CTT rules state that you must join an affiliated club before your second ride.

  • Riders 18 years or less must have a consent form signed by a parent or guardian, the form can be downloaded here

  • Non Coventry RC members just come along and enter as a private.

  • To signify that you are entering the Road Bike League you must put the letter R in the appropriate column on the sign-on sheet, if this is omitted, your time will not be entered onto the table and unfortunately it cannot be amended after the event.

  • The only ride that can be considered retrospectively is the 'come and try it' ride of someone new to time trials. If you try it and subsequently join a club your first ride will count in the league.

The qualifying events:

  • All 13 of the Thursday evening 10’s (including handicap and inter-club events).

  • This comprises 9 events on K10/10 and 4 on K12/10, (unless there are course amendments).


We've tried to keep it simple to ensure that all standard road bike will comply.

  • Based on a standard road bike

  • Bars – No tri bars permitted (drop, straight, cow-horn etc. are all acceptable)

  • Wheels – Wheels with a minimum of 6 spokes and maximum rim depth of 60 mm

  • Gears – Any number/type of gears including fixed wheel.

  • Clothing – No restriction on clothing

  • Head gear – No aero helmets or head fairings (a standard helmet is recommended).

The league table:

  • The league table will be updated after each event and posted on our website throughout the season.

  • A riders league position will be based on best average time over his/her best three rides on the K10/10 course plus best one K12/10.

The awards:

  • Prizes for best male, female and junior.

  • The winners hold the league plaque for one year.
  • The best Coventry Road Club improver also get an award (biggest difference between the slowest and fastest ride).


Need more information - if there are updates they will be posted on our Facebook page and if you require any further information on the league please email