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There are five events throughout the season that are nominated as handicap events:-

Harry Nash & David Cup 10

Fred & Rosa Horton 25

Claud Butler 30

Jack Rowley & Edie Atkins 10

Geoff Ambler 25

Handicaps are based on each member's best performance in CRC club time trials during the current and previous season. Handicaps are generated automatically from the club results database therefore no entry form is necessary and all CRC riders that have completed at least one club evening TT will automatically get a handicap and be eligible. Handicap allowances are calculated in the week leading up to each handicap event and a list available at the start.

The handicaps are calculated as follows:-

Handicap for 10 mile events

  • Each CRC member's best 10 in a CRC time trials over the current and previous season is established.

  • The fastest CRC rider gets a Zero handicap (scratch)

  • The difference between each member's time and the fastest becomes his/her handicap allowance.

  • At the end of the event handicap times are calculated by deducting the handicap allowance from the actual time.

  • If a member has completed a club 25 or 30 but has no 10 time the factors detailed in the 25 & 30 section will be used to calculate the 10 time.


Handicap for 25 & 30 mile events

  • 25 and 30 handicaps are based on '10' times as we have far more data available for that distance and many riders will only have ridden 10's before their first 25 or 30.

  • The 10 handicap is multiplied by a factor of 2.625** and 3.276** to establish 25 and 30 handicap allowances respectively.

  • If a rider puts in a faster performance on a 25 or 30 then the future 10 mile handicap will be recalculated using the above factor.

** These factors take account of the tendency for slower riders to fade over longer distances. They have been established by statistical analysis of data from our events over previous seasons, to find a best-fit and provide the closest level of competition.


Handicap Awards

Individual events – There are handicap awards for each handicap event, the number of awards depending on the number of CRC riders (see rule 2.4).

Handicap series – The fastest handicap time for each event is awarded 10 points reducing by 1 point for second, third etc. Riders from 10th onwards are all awarded 1 point. The riders gaining the most points throughout the season are awarded the Handicap Plaque.

Tables for all leagues and series are maintained throughout the year and can be viewed by following the link on the League Table page