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1. Members personal details

Coventry Road Club (the club) has a member database where the following personal information is held:-

1. Name
2. Email address
3. Phone number (land line)
4. Mobile number
5. Postal address
6. Male/female
7. Date of birth
8. Date of joining
9. Date of membership termination

We also hold details relating to members performances and achievements in the club's races and events.

2. How are members' details used?

2a. General running and administration of the club
Appropriate members of the committee are given access to the details (using unique usernames and passwords) for the general running and administration of the club.
Where other organisations or individuals are working on behalf of the club (e.g. organising events, developing the website, etc.), if necessary they may be given access to members' details.

How members details may be used (examples only not a complete list):-

  • For identification of members.
  • To contact individual or specific groups of members on club business (for the policy on distribution of bulk mailings see section 7).
  • To calculate the results of age / gender related competitions and membership categories (members names, date of birth, gender and details of past performances are held in a separate spread sheet to enable these calculations to be made).
  • To prepare statistics on the age and gender make-up of the club that may periodically be requested by the sport's governing bodies (these statistics never include individual details).
  • To assess the eligibility for roles within the club where a minimum membership duration is specified.
  • Members names may also be listed in the history of trophy winners, record holders, past presidents, honorary members, etc. Names shown in these categories are accessible without logging in.

2b. Members contact details
To enable communication between members a Members Contact Details section is provided on the club website. Unless specifically opted out, the first name, second name, email address, land line and mobile numbers of members over the age of 18 will be displayed. (Opt out is covered in paragraph 6).

Access to the Members Contact Details is restricted as follows:-

  • Must be a current paid up member of the club or a member from the previous year within a reasonable period after the renewal date.
  • Must be registered for access to the member section of the website using the listed email address and providing a password.
  • Log-in is required for each access to the website (access does not remain open once the browser is closed or navigated away from the club website).
  • Once logged in, at the first visit to the Members Contact Details, the terms of use must be agreed.
  • At each subsequent visit a reminder of this agreement appears next to the View List box.

2c. How long are details held for?
Unless specifically requested otherwise, member's details are held for a reasonable period after membership is terminated for administration purposes.

3. Update of personal details
Members may update their address, email address or phone number by completing the CONTACT DETAILS box in the member section of the website (must be logged-in). The fields provided are communication boxes (not direct access to the database), the details are sent to the Membership Secretary who updates the database at the earliest convenience. So don't expect it to change instantly.

Alternatively email with the updated details.

To avoid the possibility of errors neither the first name nor surname can be updated via the CONTACT DETAILS communication box, this can only be achieved by emailing the Membership Secretary.

4. Non-members details
There may be circumstances when we retain personal details of non-members, examples are:-

  • Parents or guardians that have provided their details as parental consent for young members. The parental consent form will request permission to hold the young person's personal details on the database (but the details will not be displayed on the Members Contact Details on the website).
  • Individuals that have registered on the website volunteer system
  • Entrants of open events - The entrants personal details will be used in the organisation of the event and communication of event details. The start and result sheets, which include the name and club of all entrants, is provided to the appropriate governing body. Details are retained for a reasonable period to verify results, record the location of any trophies that may have been awarded and answer and disputes that may occur.

5. Can an individual view his/her details?
Members may request to see their personal information at any time by contacting the Membership Secretary who will respond without undue delay and at the latest within one month of receipt of the request.

6. Opt out
Members may opt out from having all or individual items of information displayed in the Members Contact Details section of the website, this facility is provided on the membership application form when joining or may subsequently be achieved by contacting the Membership Secretary by email or post.

7. Bulk mailing
Email is the club's prime method of communicating with members. To enable the club to avoid the mail limits of domestic service suppliers our bulk mailings, such as the News Brief, are achieved using MailChimp (a bulk mail operator).
Members wishing to receive communications from the club must subscribe for our MailChip service, we are unable to subscribe on behalf of members as spam filters can prevent delivery unless there is an individual opt in.

Please note - MailChimp is a separate company with their own Privacy Policy.